Cambridge Puppy Training

Puppy trainer based in Cambridge, UK

BSc (hons), ADip CBM

Offering 1-2-1 puppy training home visit sessions, pre-puppy advice, an online puppy training course, and puppy or dog walking in Cambridge, encompassing all of your puppy needs! Training your new puppy with Cambridge Puppy Training includes all of the sometimes challenging puppy behaviours such as toilet training and play biting, we also dive into essential early topics such as socialisation, appropriate play with your puppy, key early foundation exercises such as attention and focus, early impulse control, frustration tolerance, interrupters, passive and active behaviours, essential incompatible behaviours, markers,  and much more! We cover a wealth of information relating to your pups behaviour, development, health, training and lifestyle.

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Qualified to degree level in animal behaviour, experienced, fully insured and puppy obsessed, what more could you want for your new furry bundle??!

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