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Online Puppy Training

Online Puppy Training Course

A brand new Online Puppy Training Course from Cambridge Puppy Training!

Included will be:

  • Key, foundation behaviours

  • Focus/attention

  • Self-control/impulse control

  • Play biting and toilet training

  • Sit

  • Settle

  • Frustration tolerance

  • Fun tricks

  • Tailoring your training

  • Foundations of loose-lead walking and recall

  • Troubleshooting tips

  • ME at the end of an email, if needed!

All of the key, early, essential behaviours your new puppy should be getting to grips with!

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  • Zoom consultation 3 week course

  • Phone consultations

For more information about how we can help you train your puppy during lockdown, get in touch!

Let us help you to ensure your puppy masters the basic, early and key foundation behaviours needed to grow into a confident, focused and settled companion!

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Offering 1-2-1 puppy training sessions, online puppy training, puppy training classes and puppy or dog walking in Cambridge, encompassing all of your puppy needs! Puppy training includes all of the sometimes challenging puppy behaviours such as toilet training and play biting. Also covered will be socialisation, play with your puppy, key early puppy training exercises such as attention, early impulse control, basic loose lead walking and recall. We cover a wealth of information relating to your pups behaviour, development, health, training and lifestyle.

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Qualified, experienced, fully insured and puppy obsessed, what more could you want for your new furry bundle??!

Online Puppy Training Course

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