Puppy training during a pandemic
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During the pandemic, the ability to offer 1-2-1 puppy training home visits is somewhat........variable! Given the various restrictions we have had, and still do have.....it is only right to bring the 1-2-1 training to new owners in varying ways. Safe and consistent ways.

Below are some details about the different ways I can provide you with a wealth of information and knowledge regarding your pups training and behaviour, in a Covid-secure way. I will absolutely aim to always offer home visits as and when the government restrictions allow, and when it is safe to do so. If in doubt, pop me an email and I will of course let you know what is on offer, and when. However we train, face to face or online, Cambridge Puppy Training will always be sure to guide, advise and support you through your pups early training.

For more information about any of the below services, pop to the Contact page and get in touch!

Online Puppy Training Course


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An online puppy training course! Hurrah! You will be given access to 3 weeks worth of information, relating to your pups training and behaviour. Included will be the practical exercises covered during 1-2-1 sessions via easy to follow bitesize videos, as well as more text and theory-based topics such as toilet training. This course is available through my website, and I will always be on hand via email should you need me. This course is designed to cover 3 weeks, exercises will be progressed each week, so be sure to work through week by week, with no skipping to the end!

Zoom consultation

£50.00 - 40 minutes

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One off, 40 minute zoom consultation. This consultation can be tailored to suit your needs, whether that be information relating to toilet training, or advice on which exercises to get started with first in your pups training. Anything and everything can be covered regarding your pups basic training and behaviour. Typical topics include advice relating to toilet training, play biting, over-stimulation, socialisation, enrichment and basic routines. This can of course all be tailored to suit your pups needs! Zoom consultations can be arranged 7 days a week, to suit your schedule. You will also be given a follow up email after our session, detailing the topics covered and the advice given, so you don't need to worry about writing everything down! To book in a zoom consultation, simply click the contact me button below and get in touch!

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Zoom consultation course

£100 - 3x 40 minutes

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A 3 session package! You will be given 3x 40 minute sessions via zoom. The 3 sessions can be arranged 7 days a week, to suit your schedule. I would usually advise spreading the 3 sessions over 3 weeks, as we would 1-2-1 home visits, but this is completely your choice, your sessions = your timescale. Within our zoom sessions we will cover the very early basics of puppy training and behaviour, this will include essential foundations like 'sit' and play biting, but we will also delve a little deeper into more long term foundations like 'settle', using markers, and starting off the initial training of self-control and focus. These sessions are designed for new puppies, from 8 weeks onwards. You will be given email handouts after each session, so you don't need to worry about frantically writing notes. I will also be on-hand via email throughout your 3 week course should you need me. We can, as always, tailor these sesions to suit your lifestyle, and your puppy, with any pressing issues you may have. For more information and to book in, click the contact me button below to get in touch!

Phone Consultation

£25.00 - 30 mins

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Phone consultation to cover the early basics and advise on any particular puppy issues you are facing. I will ask you to email over some details about the specific problems you are facing, with as much information as possible. I will then prepare a wealth of information to advise you within a 30 minute phone call. This also includes a follow up email with details about what was discussed, enabling you to refer back as much as you need to, and meaning you don't have to scrabble about writing notes whilst we chat! Perfect for any niggling issues you may be having throughout lockdown. Typical topics include toilet training, play biting, management advice or general training information. Get in touch to arrange a phone call!

(It must be remembered that any advice given having not met the puppy is based purely on experience and the information you provide. The more information you give me, the more the advice will be tailored to suit you and your puppy).