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Covid- 19 update - Cambridge Puppy Training

Due to the current situation, small businesses like myself are employing a strategy of thinking outside the box! A business like mine relies solely on interaction, interaction with owners and constant contact with people in their own homes. At a time like this, it is a challenge for us all! However, I feel there is a way for me to still deliver the service I want so badly to deliver, whilst keeping everyone safe. I am now going to be offering ALL of my 1-2-1 training sessions in a digital package via email as well. This will consist of ALL of the information you would gain from a 1-2-1 home visit session, including the same handouts, detailed instruction and explanations of the practical exercises covered. Nothing will be missed out! This will enable me to continue to deliver a great service, whilst maintaining a professional and sensible approach to the current situation.

This will all be delivered at a reduced online price, hopefully reflecting the struggles we are all facing.

So, details!!!

The digital packages I offer will be exactly the same as if I were visiting your home. All the content I cover in a 1-2-1 session is based around early puppy training, including development, healthcare, training exercises and puppy behaviour. The wealth of information I pass on to new owners during these sessions will be exactly the same, just delivered in a different format.


The advantages of this are that you will have written information to save, for you to refer back to whenever you need. You will also be able to study the information at a convenient time for yourself. You can read all the content at your leisure, and when you have some time to understand and absorb it all.

The information will include the same handouts which you would receive if I were visiting you. The package you choose will be exactly the same as they are now. Currently offered are:

1-2-1 One off 1 hr puppy visit - £50.00

Now offering - Online – One off digital package emailed to you - £30.00

1-2-1 Puppy training home visit course - £130.00

Now offering - Online – One digital email package per week, for 3 weeks - £60.00

1-2-1 One off 1 hour pre-puppy home visit - £50.00

Now offering - Online – One off digital package emailed to you - £30.00

For information about any of the above packages, please do get in touch. These are indeed challenging times, an unprecedented situation which I, like all of you, am trying my best to navigate to help everyone. I will do my absolute best to continue to deliver a great puppy training service throughout!

Thank you and take care everyone!!

Email: info@cambridgepuppytraining.com

Web: www.cambridgepuppytraining.com

FB: @cambridgepuppytraining

Instagram: @cambridgepuppytraining

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