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GDPR 2018

The Website shown is owned by Gail Stafford. Any information collected about you via Cambridge Puppy Training is used solely for the purpose of delivering an effective service.

Information about you refers to name, address, contact information, dog name, age, breed, veterinary information and dietary requirements. All information obtained is confidential and kept on a password protected laptop at the business address.

Any keys in relation to dog walking are kept under lock and key at the business address, away from any client information.

Client information is kept on a password protected laptop only for as long as is needed to continue to provide a service. All information is deleted after no longer than 2 years. No 3rd party has now, or will ever, have access to client information.

Your rights

You have the right to not only access all information Cambridge Puppy Training holds on you, but to edit, modify or delete it. If you wish to gain access to all information regarding yourself or your dog, email

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