Puppy classes
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Come and join in the fun at puppy training classes!

Cambridge Puppy Training has joined forces with Cambridge Dog Services and together we are bringing you a new, improved, and hugely exciting opportunity! Come and join in with the puppy training classes we have formed, bringing expert knowledge and experience together to combine approaches, methods, techniques and ideas thereby providing your puppy with the very best puppy classes!

The 4 Week Puppy Training Course


Puppy classes! Come and join in the fun for a 4 week puppy training course! We will cover a multitude of exericses to bring about the very best behaviour from your puppy that we can. We cover all essentials and foundations such as early self-control behaviours, conditioning of a recall, confidence building, enhancing problem solving abilities, exploratory and investigative behaviours, passive/relaxation behaviours, and the all important focus, attention and engagement. We will look at play, the importance of appropriate play and introducing trade/release, as well as various examination/handling/grooming techniques. The classes are held in a secure field with a huge amount of space, pups are provided with raised beds for their comfort throughout class, and all classes are limited in numbers to ensure there is enough of me to go around! The classes are sure to be hugely fun!


Coton Secure Dog Field, Whitwell Farm, Whitwell Way, Coton, CB23 7PW.


Monday evenings.

How much?



How do I sign up?

Easy! Simply get in touch with Cambridge Dog Services via the email address below, or via the website at Cambridge Dog Services or alternatively call Mel on 07976 422544



I look forward to meeting you all at puppy class!