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Foundation Puppy Training Classes!! Puppy classes in Cambridge for pups under 5 months old. This is a 4 week course, with ONE class per week. Your puppy will need to have completed their vaccination course to attend. We will go through a multitude of key foundation training, including calm/passive settling behaviours, focus and attention, response to name, foundation loose-lead walking, foundation recall exercises, self-control and frustration tolerance, and of course lots of fun and cuddles and games too! We will look at a variety of incompatible behaviours to ensure your puppy has a large and engaging behavioural repertoire, and look at how we can use these behaviours to minimise jumping up, play biting and opportunistic tendencies! You will have homework to practice each week between classes, and receive a certificate upon completion of the course. Classes will be limited in numbers to ensure there is enough of me to go round, and ensure you get the very best experience and advice possible. Sign up and enjoy the fun! This is much more than just a puppy class, this is a puppy experience! Training, appropriate and controlled social interactions, space to roam, positive exposure to a new/novel environment among their own kind, and of course lots of cuddles from me too!


Coton! Coton Secure Dog Field to be exact. A huge amount of space, very local to the city, and parking as well. A giant field for your puppy to enjoy, what's not to love?! These classes are OUTSIDE, I will provide excellent equipment to ensure your puppy doesn't get too damp and cold, but be aware you will need to be dressed for the great outdoors, and so will your puppy!

How much?

The 4 week Foundation Puppy Training Course is £80.00. Classes are for 1 hour, within which we will go through all the essential training, and have time for some controlled and polite 'meet and greet' practice between puppies as well. I will be available for the full hour for any odd problems you are having with the exercises, and we will have plenty of time to chat about any niggling little puppy issues you may all be facing.

How do I sign up??

You contact me!! Get in touch and I will sign you up! Classes are run in 4 week blocks. Please bear in mind your puppy will need to be under 5 months old upon starting the 4 week course. Get in quick to avoid disappointment!


No problem! Head to the contact page and ask me anything! I could talk about puppies all day!

Looking forward to meeting you all!