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Find below a full list of the puppy training services on offer here at Cambridge Puppy Training! You will find puppy classes, 1-2-1 puppy training home visits, plus details of the ever-popular 'training walks'! Have a read through and get in touch to book in!


The 1-2-1 slots get booked up very quickly, if you are keen to book in for home visits, try to get in touch as soon as possible (preferably before your puppy even comes home!). This will ensure you get a slot within your desired timeframe, and also helps to ensure we can get your puppy on the right track from day one! *Prevention is better than cure!*

Any questions, just get in touch, I could talk about puppies all day!

Areas covered for 1-2-1 home visits: Cambridge city, Cherry Hinton, Trumpington, Girton, Coton, Madingley, Histon, Impington, Oakington, Cottenham, Milton, Chesterton.

Visit the Contact page to get in touch!

Cambridge Puppy Training
Foundation Puppy Training Classes (4 week course)

Puppy classes in Cambridge!

Location: Coton Secure Dog Field

When: Monday evenings, 6pm

Cambridge Puppy Training has teamed up with Cambridge Dog Services! Together we are providing you with a unique and novel opportunity to attend puppy classes, organised and run by 2 experts in the field of canine behaviour. Come and join in the puppy fun!

Covered within the 4 week course will be key foundation behaviours such as general focus/attention, response to name, foundation loose-lead walking, foundation recall, self-control behaviours and frustration tolerance. We cover a multitude of exercises together, and classes are sure to be lots of fun!

To sign up, please follow the ''book in' link below, this will direct you to the relevant page to enrol! See you at class!

1-2-1 Home Visits
Bronze Package Home Visit (One hour session)


The bronze package is perfect for any specific puppy issue you are facing. This could be toilet training, play biting or anything else which may crop up! This one off one hour home visit will cover that one issue you just can't seem to nip in the bud! If you would simply like a taster in puppy training and some advice regarding key behaviours to get started on training, I can cater this session to suit your training needs!

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Silver Package Home Visit (2x one hour sessions)

£180.00 (save £60!)

This package is perfect for getting you started on the right paw with basics such as toilet training and other essentials. Extremely useful in those very early days when things seem a little daunting!

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Gold Package Home Visit (3x one hour sessions)

£250.00 (save £110!)

This package will cover the early basics such as toilet training, but will cover many more practical exercises as well. This will include a huge amount of key foundation work including attention/focus, general self-control training, the use of markers, passive behaviours, recall foundations and much more! Lots to get started with in this package and your puppy will master all the essential foundations!

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Recall rescue! (One hour session)


Something I get asked about time and time again, recall training! Book in for this one off, one hour session to cover all things recall, how to build on proximity, attention and focus, how to build value to a recall word and how to build speed and drive into your pup! Hugely fun session PACKED full of practical exercises for you to get started on, and get your puppy well on the way to a reliable recall!

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Puppy walking/training
Training walks!
£30.00 ph

The most FUN and enjoyable hour your puppy could ask for! I could rave about this service all day as I gain SO MUCH from it, and so does the puppy!

I take your puppy out, I don't merely walk them I train them, engage with them, and of course cuddle them! This is NOT a dog walk, this is not me physically draining your puppy, this is so much more. We cover proximity work, recall foundations, loose-lead walking, focus and attention in the big wide world and touch on as many great behaviours as we can in the time that we have. I build on lightning fast recalls, pattern games, building drive into proximity and all the while ensuring your pup is getting millions of kisses and cuddles too! The basis of the training walks is very much engagement, engaging with ME in distracting environments, this is the foundation of all the training you do and will set your puppy up to not only offer focus, but see HUGE benefits and satisfaction in doing so. You will also receive pictures/videos of what your pup has been up to, and how well they have done with the training we cover together. These pictures and videos will ensure YOU are able to carry on the work I introduce between my visits. You can book in for as many sessions a week as you like and as you would expect, the more sessions you have, the quicker the results. Get in touch for more information!

Cambridge Puppy Training