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Find below a full list of the puppy training services on offer here at Cambridge Puppy Training! You will find puppy classes, 1-2-1 puppy training home visits, intensive puppy training sessions and puppy/dog walking. Have a read through and get in touch to book in!


The 1-2-1 slots get booked up very quickly, if you are keen to book in for home visits, try to get in touch as soon as possible (preferably before your puppy even comes home!). This will ensure you get a slot within your desired timeframe, and also helps to ensure we can get your puppy on the right track from day one! *Prevention is better than cure!*

Any questions, just get in touch, I could talk about puppies all day!

Areas covered for 1-2-1 home visits: Cambridge city, Cherry Hinton, Trumpington, Girton, Madingley, Histon, Impington, Oakington, Cottenham, Milton, Chesterton.

Home visits are only available to puppies under 6 months old. Home visits are usually offered on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings, at approximately 10am - 11am.

Puppy classes are only available to puppies under 5 months old. Get in touch early to ensure a space!

Visit the Contact page to get in touch!

Cambridge Puppy Training
Foundation Puppy Training Classes (4 week course)

Puppy classes in Cambridge! Head over to the Puppy Classes page for more information. Your puppy will need to have completed the vaccination course to attend. Your puppy must be 5 months or under upon the start of the course.

Classes are held in Coton, in an outdoor location. Covered within the 4 week course will be key foundation behaviours such as general focus/attention, response to name, foundation loose-lead walking, foundation recall, self-control behaviours and frustration tolerance. We cover a multitude of exercises together, and you will receive homework each week to practice between classes. A large, fully enclosed field, raised beds for each puppy to use to ensure they don't struggle with the cold, plenty of fun and information and lots to get started on! Sign up early to avoid disappointment!

1-2-1 Home Visits
Bronze Package Home Visit
(One session)


The bronze package is perfect for any specific puppy issue you are facing. This could be toilet training, play biting or anything else which may crop up! This one off one hour home visit will cover that one issue you just can't seem to nip in the bud! If you would simply like a taster in puppy training and some advice regarding key behaviours to get started on training, I can cater this session to suit your training needs!

Silver Package Home Visit
(Two sessions)

£140.00 (save £20!)

This package is perfect for getting you started on the right paw with basics such as toilet training and other essentials. Extremely useful in those very early days when things seem a little daunting!

Gold Package Home Visit (Three sessions)

£195.00 (save £45!)

This package will cover the early basics such as toilet training, but will cover more practical exercises as well. This will include attention/focus, general self-control training, the use of markers, passive behaviours, recall foundations and much more! Lots to get started with in this package!

Dog sitting services
Puppy/dog sitting and walking
£25.00 ph

Perfect for when you are working, or simply having a day out. Or, dare I say, to give you a much needed break from puppyhood! I will spend 1-1.5 hours with your puppy, walk them, cuddle them, and ensure all of their needs are met. Walks are time-limited to suit the age/breed of your puppy, socialisation will always take place however including positive and gradual exposure to the world. Lots of fun, and lots of cuddles! Suitable for pups of any age.

Cambridge Puppy Training