Find below a full list of the puppy training services on offer here at Cambridge Puppy Training!

Any questions, just get in touch, I could talk about puppies all day!

*All home visits are now available, with health and safety guidelines in place. Please get in touch for more info*

1-2-1 One off 1 hr puppy home visit


One hour visit to your home, to cover key aspects of puppy care and development. Includes toilet training, play biting, typical puppy behaviours, health care and much more. Perfect for new owners who have not had a puppy before, or need a little refresher in puppyhood. Covers puppy basics in a simple and understandable format. Suitable for puppies 8 wks +.

1-2-1 Puppy training home visit course


3x one hour sessions in your home, covering various essential early training exercises. Advice regarding behaviours such as play biting and toilet training, covering socialisation, the use of play and toys in training, impulse control, attention, recall and early loose lead walking. Introduction to clicker training also included. Covering healthcare, veterinary handling, grooming, and breed specific behaviours and requirements additionally. Perfect for owners looking for a little bit more support and guidance, and extra info and knowledge to assist with their pups training. Suitable for puppies 8 wks +.

1-2-1 One off 1 hr pre-puppy home visit


One hour visit to your home covering all aspects of bringing home a new puppy. From the breeder, to night time routine, to shopping lists! Also covering behaviours to prepare for, and how to initially manage them. Crates, toys, grooming equipment and training aids, what you need to consider and how to set yourself up for success. Suitable any time before your pup comes home.

Puppy sitting with training

Puppy sitting with some training by myself, added in too. Ideal for when you have to go out, or when you're working. I have worked for many years with puppies, enabling me to gain the very best from a training session and ensure a puppy is not only confident and comfortable with exercises covered, but also has a lot of fun too! I work 1 on 1 with your puppy, we go through various training exercises together, and I ensure they have been appropriately exercised. You will receive a follow up email after my visit, detailiing how your puppy faired with the training, pictures of activities covered, and any additional information you need to know. Available in 1 hr slots. Includes use of my training equipment and interactive toys. Feeding included if needed.

Puppy/dog walking
£20.00 ph

Following on from the puppy sitting above, dog walking for 1 or 1.5 hour slots. Walk, little bit of obedience training, games and cuddles. Feeding included if needed.

Puppy training classes


Puppy training classes in Cambridge. 6 week course covering all areas of puppy training and behaviour. Covering all puppy behaviours such as toilet training and play biting, trouser nibbling, jumping up, barking, chewing etc! Included will also be all early essentials, attention and focus work, settling behaviours, early impulse/self control, recall, loose-lead walking, appropriate play, socialisation, exposure to surfaces, sounds and environmental stimuli, clicker training theory and much more!!

Date to be confirmed.

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